Family Constellation Practitioner Training

Practitioner Training

A series of seven professional Family Constellation training days running alongside the The Flowering of Life Foundation Course
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The Family Constellation Practitioner Training will provide the additional skills and understanding for Therapists, Health Professionals, Healers, Bodyworkers, Life Coaches etc who wish to integrate Family Constellation work into their existing 1to1 professional practice.

The Practioner Training will teach the theory and practice of Family Constellations, learning in depth its core skills and principles.
Sarasi will expand on the Constellation work of the preceding Flowering of Life Foundation Course weekend, using it as a teaching experience, debriefing and having time to process and explain the experience of seeing through the systemic lens.

During the seven days:

  • We will learn how to give an interview, helping to defining the issue, and recognising what is important in the client’s family history for the Constellation.
  • Practice will be made in setting up a whole variety of Constellations, learning how to recognise the dynamics in a family system, such as hidden loyalties, ties and entanglements - the systemic as opposed to the personal.
  • We will learn how to stay connected with the intrinsic love in the family system.
  • To see for example who wants to leave the family, who is excluded, and who is identified with another’s fate.
  • To recognise what is important in a Constellation – who it needs to include and how to support Healing Movements (movements of the soul).
  • Sarasi will teach the powerful healing sentences, rituals to honour, acknowledge and give back what isn’t ours, to its rightful owner.

There are many ways to set up a Constellation. It is not always possible to get a group of people together.
This Training specialises in methods that are suited to integrating Family Constellations into 1to1 practice.

Sarasi will teach a wide variety of Constellation techniques such as:

  • Using floor markers instead of Representatives
  • Table top Constellations using stones, crystals or pieces of paper
  • Distance Constellations by Skype or phone
  • Solo Constellation techniques for you or your clients as a self-help tool
  • Constellation Surgery (stop-start problem solving)
  • Chakra Constellations, creative Constellations using stories, art, writing and photos
  • Dream interpretation Constellations
  • Timeline Constellations – tracking a health condition or significant relationship etc
  • Constellations using intention, resources, essence

The process will be made transparent by explaining step by step what happens in each Constellation, teaching and demonstrating interventions that can lead to healing and resolution.
There will be supervised practice with invited outside people.

Dancing followed by a circle sharing and a Constellation visualisation will be a regular start to the day.
Homework will include a Case Study, telephone Supervision with Sarasi, suggested backup reading and peer-group practice.

Course Details

The Family Constellation Practitioner Training is open to those who are signed up for the Full-Programme Flowering of Life Foundation Course and to others who have completed a previous Flowering of Life series with Sarasi.

It begins following module four of the Flowering of Life Foundation Course, will continue on the Monday after each of the next five modules, finishing on 18 January 2021.

There will be an extra training day on Friday 14 January 2021, before the ninth module.
Each training day will run from 9.30am to 5.30pm
A light lunch will be provided, included in the below fee.

A Certificate of Completion will be given, showing certified CPD hours.

The BACP and UKCP do not as yet recognise any Family Constellation Trainings, as they don’t fit into their existing criteria.
The Training does not train you to be a Psychotherapist or Counsellor. It does not train you in Family Constellation group facilitation.

Course Fees - The Practitioner Training

The course comprises seven training days, each delivering 6 hours of tuition, 42 hours for the complete Training.

The Practitioner Training fee for the seven training days is:
£1225 (£175 per training day),due by 9 March 2020.

As places are limited, a non-refundable deposit of £200 is advisable to secure your place as soon as possible.
A receipt can be provided. No VAT is due.

My bank details are:
First Direct (HSBC) 40-47-78
L J Rogers 50391808

Please note:
All course fees are non-refundable.
In view of the government lockdown due to Coronavirus, all existing payments will be transferred to rearranged course dates by agreement.


For participants of The Flowering of Life Foundation Course, Sunday night B&B is included in the Training price.
For others, it will be charged extra.
On the Sunday evening, we traditionally have a meal out together in a choice of favourite local pub/restaurants.

Testimonial from a previous all-women’s masterclass series (previous series were called ‘Masterclass’)

Being part of the masterclass has been a richly, life-enhancing experience. Learning how to Constellate gives a way to open up ‘impassable, impossible’ situations. Alongside the weekends I have read the suggested books and attended the practice group we set up. By the end of the 1st year I felt confident to offer 1to1s to friends and breath clients and each session is a confirmation of the power of this work.

Our masterclass weekends were always vibrantly alive and creative. We learned to Constellate anything - from dreams to parts of the body; insights and revelations came and sometimes miracles happened. Watching Sarasi, I saw that the most potent aspect of being a Constellator is your own the depth of openness, listening and sensitivity.

It was utterly delicious to leave my ‘everyday’ world behind and be step in to the beautifully nurturing, so carefully tended space Sarasi holds. The lush food, the attention to detail in the house and grounds, the meditations and dancing which are woven through the weekends, every aspect supports the process. With each meeting, the trust and love amongst the glorious circle of women deepened; we were able to go to those most vulnerable or 'unacceptable places’. Month on month, it was a joy to see the changes and growth in each and all of us.

As I drove away on our last Sunday full of cake, love, sunshine and laughter, I realised I couldn’t remember ever feeling so perfectly free, so perfectly myself, so completely happy.

Nichola Motley