The Flowering of Life Course

The Flowering of Life 2019-2021

A Foundation Course in Family Constellation

October 2019 to April 2021

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Covid-19 Update

Fabulous Covid-secure Venue

The Flowering of Life (and New Practitioner Training) is on the move again, after having been in lockdown for six months.
We opened again on the 4th to 7th September (Module 4).
We now have a fabulous Covid-secure venue - Porlock Vale House - in the Exmoor National Park, with beautiful gardens and overlooking the sea.
Normally a venue for 30 people, now able to offer itself to 16 people, all within the government guidelines on Covid-19, with single room en-suite accommodation - vegetarian wholefood meals included.

Some spaces still available

There are 5 more modules left to run. Hands-on experiential learning over 5 themed weekends.
An ideal way to learn Family Constellation for yourself and others.
Please note that previous constellation experience is essential.

Your safety

The Covid-19 risk assessment and regulations for the venue is available on request.


A series of themed weekend modules starting from conception through to the end of life and everything in between.
This course covers all of life’s important stages, a hands-on experiential journey in a supportive creative setting, the ideal way to learn and practice one-to-one Family Constellations for yourself and others.
As well as gaining proficiency with a life enhancing skill set, you will also be taking away with you the benefits of a life changing programme.

The Flowering of Life Foundation Course will lead us into the rich world of Family Constellation.
A wide variety of Constellation techniques will be introduced. Constellation practice will take place in pairs, small groups and on your own. Sarasi will lead and demonstrate whole-group Constellations throughout the course. Her sensitive holding creates a relaxed learning environment.

Space will be made for circle sharings, guided visualisations based on the themes of the day and time to process, to deepen and support the rich learning process.

We will learn core principles and teachings from Bert Hellinger and those who have continued to develop his work.
The integrity of Family Constellation practice will be supported by a wide spectrum of healing therapeutic modalities including meditation and guided visualisation, dance, Constellation theatre, Voice Dialog, Inner Child work, bodywork, Focusing, NLP timelines (past reframing, future programming), creativity, Journaling.

The trust, the closeness and the safe supporting setting have been highly valued by previous participants. Signing up for the whole course has been an important part of that, and discounts and payment options are offered to make this possible for everyone.

From whatever walk of life, by completing The Flowering of Life Foundation Course, you will have a toolbox of Constellation skills that you can use to support and nourish the growth and development of yourself, friends and family.
It is not on its own a training for professional practice.

Practitioner Training

Sarasi also offers a Professional Practitioner Training, which will run alongside the Flowering of Life Foundation Course. It is only available to those enrolled in the current FoL course, or who have completed a previous Foundation Course with Sarasi.

It is an invaluable skill set for therapists, health professionals, healers, bodyworkers, coaches etc who want to deepen and expand their work, using Family Constellation 1to1s to enrich their existing practice.

The Practitioner Training starts after the fourth module of the Foundation Course – so there’s time to see if this is for you.
It comprises seven days, 9.30am to 5.30pm on the Mondays following the fourth to the ninth modules.

Read more about the Practitioner Training here


Relating - Module 5
16-18 Oct 2020

This weekend is about healing our marriages and partnerships and letting them flower.
It will shine a light on unresolved separations and relationships and how they affect us now, both those in our own and in our partner’s family system;
so that we can break the chains of anger, resentment and regret and move on to find new love in our lives; not only for ourselves but for our children.

I will introduce Constellations on:

  • The present family, which covers all significant sexual partners, first loves, children and unborn children (terminations, miscarriages, still-births)
  • Healing sexual wounds
  • Constellations on addictions – work, sex, food, alcohol
  • Inviting in new relationships or enriching and deepening an existing partnership.

Maturity - Module 6
4-6 Dec 2020

Meeting the responsibilities of adulthood is often a struggle. There may be financial difficulties and pressures such as to keep our families together even when the marriage is breaking down. Our health may suffer. Our ideals may be lost and our dreams forgotten. Maturity also as a gateway to new joys.

We will look at:

  • Constellations on issues such as money, health, work, success, creativity, abundance
  • Systemic roots of over-performing, under-achieving, poor self-esteem
  • Mid life crisis, depression as a doorway to transformation
  • Suppressed emotions and how they affect our health, using breath and bodywork
  • Therapeutic writing, journaling and drawing as an adjunct to self-help Constellations
  • Grief ritual to release accumulated sorrow, mending the broken heart of ourself, the environment and the human family

Passage to Power - Module 7
15-17 Jan 2021

As youth fades, strength and wisdom emerge. In this session we recover the lost power of our ancestors.

This is a very misunderstood and often dreaded transition, not easy to negotiate. It is often seen as an inevitable time of ageing and decline, rather than as an opportunity to shed our lifelong responsibilities such as parenting, dead end jobs, unhealthy relationships.

With the help of Constellations we can discover what we truly want in life, putting ourselves first; our dreams; our creativity; and what brings true joy and meaning into our lives:

  • Embracing the elder and inner wise counsel
  • Menopause, late life crisis, second adolescence - transitions to freedom
  • Constellations to interpret dreams
  • Essence Constellations and resources such as the Inner Light
  • Constellations using Voice Dialogue to explore the Inner Family and unconscious, often warring inner voices
  • Introducing archetypes and fairy stories and their deeper meanings

Endings also as a Beginning - Module 8
26-28 Feb 2020

This module is about completing our unfinished business, especially with those who we never got a chance to say goodbye to, making peace with our endings so we can move on without guilt or regrets

This may also be the time in our life when illness and health issues appear.
With the help of Constellations we can learn that even the most life threatening of diseases can be a doorway to true health and happiness.
Constellations help us to listen to our inner callings, which may mean giving up stressful ways of living and working and taking care of our unspoken needs.

We will explore:

  • Constellations on the Immune system and organs of the body
  • Releasing the patterns of untimely death that run through the generations
  • Breaking the chains of inherited illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis
  • Working with terminal illness; making peace with the process of death and dying
  • Bereavement, loss and healing goodbyes
  • NLP Timeline Constellations on future programming, Bucket List etc.

The World - Module 9
12-14 April 2021

Going beyond the personal we can embrace the greater family that we all belong to.
The Constellations in this section take on a very different flavour and style but also have very far reaching consequences.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Constellations on the environment and global issues
  • Organisational and work Constellations
  • Constellations in nature; eco Constellations
  • Colonialism and healing of our migrant roots
  • Constellations in the community
  • Morphic fields; sacred activism; planetary healing

Closing Ceremony – the completion of the Flowering of Life Foundation Course

Receiving your Certificate of Completion
Celebratory cake to finish!


Fee for the remaining five modules is £2,250, plus £750 for the Porlock Vale House accomodation supplement.
Fully Residential in en-suite single rooms.

Fees can be broken down into stages. Please enquire for further information.

A receipt can be provided. No VAT is due.

Reserve a Place

Please contact Sarasi:
Telephone: 01647 24075
By Email:

Please note:
All course fees are non-refundable.
In view of the government lockdown due to Coronavirus, all existing payments will be transferred to rearranged course dates by agreement.


Sarasi will facilitate the Foundation Course very much in the same style as she would lead a Constellation – so she will be guided by you and the needs of the group.
At times this may take us in unexpected directions and not everything may go according to plan.

The trust, the closeness and the safe supporting setting have been highly valued by previous participants.
The course is ‘open’ up until the fourth module but the group will become ‘closed’ as soon as possible. If for any reason somebody leaves it may be necessary to invite another suitable person.

A Certificate of Completion will be given, showing certified CPD hours.

The course is open to anyone who has previous experience of Family Constellation work with Sarasi.


A life support!
(previous series were called ‘Masterclass’)

I’ve completed two years of masterclass with Sarasi and attended many Constellation weekends both as a representative and participant over the past five years. This work has been not only been a deep joy but an incredibly strong and powerful foundation for me through some pretty difficult times supporting others in my family through breakdown and illness. I don’t know where my life would be today or how my relationships would have survived without it.

I came to Constellations with a lifetime’s worth of difficulties and these had left me with some pretty robust emotional armour - I could barely feel my emotions, often related as a child and felt very angry. Working in the masterclass and Constellations has gradually let all of this soften and fall away. I feel more peaceful and content than ever before and can be close, intimate and vulnerable with others as well as have a great time laughing and having fun! I have really grown into myself and enjoy myself, free of worry and anxiety over who I am and how others see me. Masterclass has been my guiding star on this journey. I’ve made lovely friends, learnt amazing skills, laughed, cried and of course, danced.

For anyone looking to sustain their own growth and development as well as develop skills they can use in healing work, the rich, nourishing and enjoyable exploration of Constellations offered in the masterclass with Sarasi is the most wonderful life support - don’t hesitate, do it, it will return your life to love.