The Flowering of Life

A Foundation Course in Family Constellation

The Flowering of Life Foundation Course is a series of nine themed weekends starting from conception through to the end of life and everything in between.

It is a deeply healing, life changing programme – a self-empowering Constellation package providing skills that can transform your entire life.

If you’ve taken part in Family Constellation workshops or 1to1s, especially with Sarasi, you’ll know their astonishing power to resolve almost any long-standing issue that people may bring.

Beyond that, her Masterclasses have broadened the Constellation approach to bring creative resolution to an ever-widening range of issues.

Now, for the first time The Flowering of Life brings all of that together into an empowering comprehensive Foundation Course where issues, teachings, tools and techniques are deeply understood as a unified, potent field of possibility and healing.

As always under Sarasi’s sensitive holding, all learning is deeply experiential, in a supportive creative setting.
In other words, The Flowering of Life is a long feast of working on yourself, a hands-on Constellation journey, which by the end will leave a close-knit band of friends profoundly changed for the better, each according to their heart’s desire.

Not just for therapists but open to all, The Flowering of Life Foundation Course is a process that leaves no stone unturned to clear up the past of whatever debilitating behaviours, burdens and unresolved issues we may be carrying, preparing us for a future where suddenly freedom and possibility can unfold.

Practitioner Training
There is also an optional Practitioner Training specially for therapists, health professionals, healers, bodyworkers, life coaches etc who want to expand and integrate Family Constellation into their current 1to1 practice.
The seven training days run alongside The Flowering of Life, which is the Training’s Foundation Course.

The Flowering of Life Foundation Course

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Family Constellation Practitioner Training

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