Individual Sessions

ONE TO ONE CONSTELLATION SESSIONS - for individuals and couples

Sometimes our lives may be thrown upside down by events not of our choosing.

These times of chaos can be turning points, offering unexpected insight and learnings, and have the potential for great breakthrough and change.

If you are at such a point, the right kind of professional help can be a lifesaver.

One to one sessions with Sarasi in Devon offer a highly valued and much loved way to support change in core areas of your life.

Online Sessions.

During the lockdown Sarasi is available for individual constellations via Zoom.
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INDIVIDUAL INTENSIVES - a process tailored just for you

These individual intensives with Sarasi are a series of sessions for blasting a long-standing problem or an issue that won’t go away. This unique process is tailored just for you.

A practitioner of body/feeling therapies for 27 years, Sarasi’s warmth, humour and skill, along with her expertise with a wide-range of techniques allows expression of feelings that may be too sensitive to bring to a workshop.

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A Family Constellation Retreat is a unique and liberating experience.
Each is individually tailored and are ideal if you wish to solve and heal an issue or relationship, be it with a family member, friend or partner; or just come to escape from the world on your own.

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01647 24075
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From a Client

"I have been seeing Sarasi for nearly 4 years on either a weekly or fortnightly basis, and it has been a transformative experience.

I had visited at least 3 other therapists in the previous 10 – 15 years, but none of them came close to the depth of work that has happened in conjunction with Sarasi.

I think the essence of what she brings to her therapy is a complete love and presence. This is extremely unusual and very liberating. It allowed/allows me to become more fully myself in whatever manifestation is most truthful in that moment.

At a simple level, you could say it is about being accepted, but it is more than that. I feel and felt that I was not just received and accepted, but that I was worthy of love. Initially, I took that as being worthy of her love, but over time, I came to understand that I was worthy of my own love.

Sarasi also has an extraordinary openness to whatever I as her client bring to our sessions; she has a wonderful combination of being fully receptive to my ideas and intuitions and also full of her own ideas and intuitions which are always available, and never insisted on.

She also has a delightful quality of humanity and playfulness, which somehow enhances the quality of the sessions, simply because they are so much fun and I always look forward to them. I can honestly say that in the years I have been seeing her I have eagerly anticipated our meetings every week, which has never before been true of my experience of therapists.

I have often mentally and verbally thanked the friend who first told me about Sarasi, because I think that the hours I have spent with her have been among the most productive, creative, enjoyable and profound that I have experienced. "