Dear Friends

As summer arrives the apple and lilac trees are still full of spring blossom. Tulip petals curl back and fall, and rows of beans and peas burst into pods. Every May we look forward to our migrant swallows’ return – only two so far, so we keep our fingers crossed that others will follow, especially as their flight path takes them through countries that shoot song birds for sport. Politicians fail to ban this outlandish practice for fear of losing votes.

Migrants across the board are having a hard time.

Click on image to watch music video by my brother Dave Rogers of Banner Theatre:

Newly built fences bordering countries such as Hungary and Croatia, designed to keep out refugees fleeing war zones, also cut across age old routes of deer, bears and wolves on their way to their traditional hunting and mating grounds; their shrinking habitats can no longer sustain them.
Nomadic tribes have become endangered across the globe and old travelling ways have almost become extinct. In the UK, laws preventing freedom of movement have virtually wiped out the travelling people such as the Romanies.
I struggle to understand such fear and hostility towards the ‘other’, as we head for our own Brexit, building our own walls and boundaries. I wonder what the knock-on effect will be. I enjoy, as so many others do, living in a multi-racial society in a multi-racial world, free to live and roam wherever we please.

What I love about Family Constellation is seeing though someone else’s eyes. This helps to bring down the walls that keep us separate. It creates an empathy and understanding as we step into other people’s lives and stories and discover they are our own.

"When we first come to Family Constellations we see that we are part of a family system with its own energetic pattern and logic.
We learn that many of the problems that we believed were uniquely our own, are in fact passed down to us from our ancestors and the events and circumstances of their lives.
As this new reality gently settles, we naturally find our exploration going beyond our own family of origin, to a still wider and greater concept of family, as one Constellation leads us into another, like beads on a thread."

Jenny Saunders

Constellations find a way to resolve the big bust ups and breakdowns that so rob us of our grace and dignity. We are learning to live together with all our difficulties and differences. We only have to go back a generation or two to see we are all an incredible mix of race and nationality, and even further back we are all children of migrants.
Family Constellations are tremendously freeing. They lead us beyond our endless preoccupation with our own small family with all its foibles and frustrations, to a greater connectedness to a wider family that includes all of humanity. They can lead us even beyond that to the source of boundless love and energy and to the sacredness of life itself.

But back to the important things of life - food!

In the last Newsletter we heard Kai’s ‘Mucking In’ story, helping with our organic veg garden, orchard and polytunnel, helping to grow the delicious salads and vegetables for all our visitors.
We pride ourselves that you get a good deal when you attend our Family Constellation workshops; not only the wonderfulness of this life changing work, but also the delicious abundance of food.

Here are some words from one of our cooks, Philippa Burrell
“Cooking for the Family Constellations workshops is without doubt one of my favourite catering jobs. Sarasi and Manohar’s own interest in healthy eating and home-grown produce allows me to get creative in their large, well equipped farm kitchen – using the herbs and vegetables from the garden to produce colourful and nutritious meals for the workshop participants.
I have worked for 25 years as an environmental scientist, specialising in the collection, management and presentation of data about wildlife in the UK and took a leap away from my career in science six years ago - to explore my creative side through cooking. For me, the attraction of my new vocation is the perfect balance of science and creativity in producing delicious food.
I now love my full-time job managing a community-run tearoom on Dartmoor - but I am always happy to take time out from this to cook for Sarasi!”

Looking forward to seeing you