Dear Friends

As I look out on the huge blossoming roses and lavender bushes all busy with bees, it feels strange to think back to December when I last wrote. Not just because of the glorious sunshine, but because so much has happened already this year, with weekend workshops flourishing and two Masterclass series continuing.

The year started with my mother dying peacefully. It was the first natural death I’ve had the honour to be around. I was so touched by the grace of those last three days of feeling my mum gather up her almost 95 years and so gracefully release herself from all that kept her in life and her 10 year struggle with dementia.

As her family and friends came to say their goodbyes, without any drugs or pain she gently and silently dropped away. It was so tender to share this time with my sister, soaking up wordlessly those last hours and moments of our mum’s life. And then, as it often happens, we popped out for a break, leaving her with her best friend; she opened her eyes for the last time and Jude said “it’s OK” and with a little sigh she slipped from this world.

I’m so grateful to all of the Constellations that I’ve done myself and with others over the years, that have made it possible for me to also let go, simply be there, treasuring those last moments.

 Emma's Story

"I didn’t understand why I was not able to have a loving, fulfilling relationship. I was inspired to enrol on the Masterclass Training courses. After doing three weekends I met the man of my dreams. A year later we were married and I now have a beautiful daughter.

I know that if I hadn’t kept on working with Constellations, I would still be dealing with past emotions and limiting patterns that were stopping me from meeting my life long soul mate. I am deeply grateful for Constellation work and the way Sarasi imparts this with so much love. "

A Mother and Daughter’s story

"I’d just like to say how much Alexa and I enjoyed our whole experience with you. I’ve had the most extraordinary week since coming back.

Alexa really wanted to contact her father. This has always proved tremendously difficult. Remarkably, with the first phone call she was able to talk to him. He immediately told her that he was so sorry, that he thought about her every day and it wasn’t her fault. They have arranged to meet next Tuesday, for the first time in six years! She seems happier than I’ve seen her in ages.

With me, after several days my Mother called me and told me she’d made a terrible mistake and  of course she did not want to disinherit me and my brother at all. She also told me how much she loved me and that she could not bear us not to be talking!

It’s almost like we’re saying “What were those feelings we felt?”.

I could not have imagined that things would change so quickly. Thank you so much for all your wonderful insight and compassion. You will be seeing us again!"