December 2014

Dear All

What a wonderful year it has been – so many extraordinary people from all walks of life, ages and nationalities have found their way down this remote and bumpy farm track.
I find it endlessly fascinating - our common humanity, as the Constellations like doorways lead us into many lives, so deeply touching.
I feel totally in awe and very humbled by the depth and generousness of the sharing, as again and again the Constellations weave their rich tapestry, visibly healing and resolving the heart and soul of families burdened by lifetimes of disconnection, pain and secrets.
So as this year comes to an end, I am so very grateful to you all for your braveness and trust and I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a glorious New Year to come.
I wholeheartedly invite you to bring in the New Year with a Constellation for yourself, your family and your loved ones, on the weekend of 16-18 January 2015.

Much love


As you read this we will be a flight to Goa, hopefully back on Boxing Day. .

The Burdens of Family Secrets

By Akhila

Through Constellation work I began to discover that I had a ‘proper place in the scheme of things’. My personal journey has been one of fear, exile and loneliness. Severed from my roots and heritage I have often felt lost and not able to flourish. I also carried unknown burdens, heavy with the dark, haunting shadows of buried family secrets. These burdens caused a constant internal pressure that had the twinned manifestations of seeking healing on the one hand, and sinking into depression and mental turmoil on the other.

Now, at the age of 42, I am more able to trust that there is an inherent order at the level of being. This does not mean that I’ve been relieved of the challenges in my life but that through Constellation work they have been realigned and placed in a context that guides and supports my life. This knowledge in itself has dissolved the feeling of existential isolation.

What I became aware of in the simple act of setting up my first Constellation two years ago, and being invited to participate in the Constellations of others, was the wondrous and profoundly moving multitude of our stories and experiences. To witness how others inhabited my life, and the lives of my family and ancestors, and to also step into their shoes was to find a commonality that was humane and humbling without being reductive. There is a mystery at the heart of this work which like an unseen web of love restores in the participants their ability to heal themselves and to touch how existence is there to support them in this endeavour.

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