Here at Holeland Farm the garden is full of rose blossoms of every kind and the bees are in nectar heaven, and I’ve been busy picking elderflowers and making elderflower champagne’.

Last week was one of those extraordinarily unforgettable times. I had been approached by a young couple, Irene and Tolik, who were looking for a Family Constellation practitioner. Irene was diagnosed with Grade 4 cancer and she had already had radiation and chemo therapy and been told, as the cancer had spread, there was nothing more that could be done for her. I agreed that I would go to their home in the Midlands and work with her for two days.

And just before working with them, I was able to attend the Back2Health conference on cancer in Exeter. What an inspirational life changing event the conference turned out to be. The host, Fiona Shakeela Burns, was a two-time cancer survivor. Her dad sat in the front row as she acknowledged him as her main supporter; her mum and sister had both died of cancer. She had come to me some years ago after her diagnosis for the second time; like Irene she had also been told there was nothing that could be done for her. Fiona said that in her Constellation sessions with me she had lost her fear of the cancer, and how important that freedom from fear had been in her recovery and healing.

So, with other practitioners both medical and alternative, survivors, and friends and families of those on a cancer healing journey, we were all transfixed, sometimes overwhelmed, but excited and inspired. I scribbled away furiously as my beliefs about cancer were turned upside down and I felt all the doom and gloom dissolve.

Top class experts from all over the world shared latest research and treatments that worked. We really got it, how essential a holistic approach is, to support the immune system, because that’s what does the healing. All agreed that (except for a few cancers) conventional chemo as handed out here in UK was a failed experiment with devastating effects, as we’re all painfully aware.

The final day was very touching, as six survivors shared their journey back to health. Some, never having publicly spoken before, were trembling but told with such amazing passion and conviction how cancer had been a messenger for life and a great gift. They were willing to risk everything in order to live, which gave them permission to free themselves from all that was toxic in their lives. The room was transformed in pin-prick silence, with occasional soft outbursts of tears. The speakers all looked, and were, radiant.

A few days later, being with Irene and Tolik was another two days of very precious moments, as Tolik cooked for us beautiful lovingly prepared food.

The Constellations worked their magic, as Irene moved from weakness and hopelessness, through some seriously heavy family and societal dynamics, to come to a place of great strength. The final Constellation left the three of us laughing and crying in such celebration. Love filled the air. I came home feeling again and again so grateful for this wonderful work.

Family Constellations help clarify whether we are moving towards life or death. They pinpoint what is stopping us right now. They release us into extraordinary, life-affirming joy and bring us back to our hearts.

People come to Constellations for many reasons, with issues of all kinds. Constellations can be an essential and significant part of all healing journeys.

“Sarasi I am HUGELY indebted to you, because you have been a catalyst for change and for deep, beautiful healing to happen. Coming back to London, I have made great changes in my life. I quit my job. I did it because I had to. I decided NOT to hide any more and to BE ME.” - Philippe

With best wishes