Dear Friends

Is it Spring or Summer? Whatever, it’s definitely happening. This morning I did yoga in glorious sunshine underneath trees bursting with blossom, swallows busy nest building or dive bombing the cats, lambs in the fields and the surrounding woods a haze of bluebells.

Family Constellation is not a therapy, digging up the past. Instead it is a way we can heal the traumas in our life, which often pass down through the generations of our ancestry. You may not be able to tackle the horrors of conflict in Syria and Ukraine head-on, but what better time than now to come to Holeland Farm to resolve the conflicts inside your own head and heart and family and experience them soften, heal and transform?

Yes, we often come from families in conflict, besieged by unspoken or unconscious resentments, jealousies, separations, control and judgement. Are we letting this unresolved baggage come between us and those we love, our friends, neighbours and colleagues?

"I feel I can't thank you enough for what has possibly been the best weekend of my life! I'm bursting with enthusiasm and brimming over with joy and outbursts of deep grief." - Linda

I went to see Charles Eisenstein, ‘Sacred Economist’, visiting teacher at Schumacher College, speak on ‘Activism and inter-being’. This is one of the things he writes about in his new book, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible. He talked about the small things we can do that change our world through our courage to love and share with each other; creating a love bubble is contagious and moves far beyond each small action.

“We sense that ‘normal’ isn’t coming back, that we are being born into a new normal: a new kind of society, a new relationship to the earth, a new experience of being human.” – Eisenstein, on the Economics of Happiness

It’s so inspiring when I hear Economists, Physicists and Artists saying the same thing. We are all connected and we are all part of a field, a Morphic Field as Rupert Sheldrake calls it. Let’s make this field the place we want to inhabit.

Constellations create a new dynamic for our relationships which is not based on the old ways of domination, competition, violence and control. Here we can feel connected, free and joyful, in our relationships with each other and in our world.

By the way, if you’re missing a garden experience or fancy a break from the city, we welcome any volunteers. We’ll feed you and house you in return for your help in the garden.

Family Constellation workshops with Sarasi - by Peter Chappell

“Family Constellation workshops allow us to undo a whole bundle of knots, traumatic roots, which in effect will help the whole family come together. So if you are faced with sibling rivalries, parent - children splits which cannot be reconciled, impossible parents and grandparents, jealousies, guilts, etc, seemingly intractable conflicts, unmentionable deaths, and diseases which track down the generations, as well as diseases yourself, Family Constellation workshops are a powerful place to address this.

The beauty of it is you can do it all without talking to anybody in the family and without telling them anything about it, and yet everything starts to work better. Alienated relationships mend, impossible relatives cooperate, deep inner conflicts which you never understood in yourself process and calm down.

It takes great skills to run such Constellation workshop and Sarasi and her team have these skills built up over decades of working with people, and a decade of running the Constellations. She has the deep domain experience that pretty much guarantees that the Constellation delivers the goods.

You don’t have to be specially trained to take part, you don’t need any special skills or understanding, you just need to be open minded enough to go along and participate.”

Diving Right In - by Jon Armour

"Before coming to Sarasi's Constellation weekend I wasn't 100% sure it could help me, as my family history is a reasonably "normal" one - not so dysfunctional or tragic. But what her site said about "helping the love flow" really spoke to me, and I wanted very much to make this happen.

After a little bit of initial resistance, I just found myself diving right in, and getting incredible inspiration and emotional healing from it. The morning dynamic meditation and the dance we did at the start or end of some sessions also helped to open us up for the Constellation work.

The experience of taking part in others' Constellations, going through strong emotions in the role of family members and seeing the emotional opening take place for the person whose family was being done - it was incredibly powerful. And when we did my family, at the end I experienced such a profound heart opening, a huge outpouring of emotion and tears, that I felt light, amazingly open, and whole in a way I could never remember feeling before.

Thanks to Sarasi and her skilled, gentle yet firm leadership of the whole weekend, and thanks to my lovely co-constellators, I have had a life-changing experience which gives me great faith that the heart can always trump the head: love beats fear, any day!

Thank you Sarasi, from the depths of my heart."