Tiny but Huge

Recently a participant wanted to tell me that a few days after her mini Constellation at last year’s Osho Leela Dance Festival, her son phoned to say that all his anger and resentment had lifted, and he really wanted her to know how much he loved her

Her issue for the Constellation had been about not feeling loved by her grandmother, who had appeared in the initial meditation on the ancestors.

I placed Representatives for her mother, her granny and herself.

The mother was clearly blocking any connection, but when I moved her aside, the client’s Representative moved into a warm loving embrace with the grandmother.

It was very moving for the client to see this.

She said the Constellation was tiny in time but huge in effect. Since then, she told me she has started an exciting new relationship.

Every Constellation weekend seems to develop a theme. In April’s it was of children disconnected from their birth families. A participant who was adopted reveals some of her story below.

Jackie's Story

Secrets, the things that cannot be spoken:

It wasn’t till I was eight that I was told I had been adopted.

It was an enormous shock, so much that I could not remember the telling, only that my behaviour changed overnight.

After that one time, the adoption was never spoken of again.

When I was sexually abused between the ages of eleven and fourteen by a close family member, I couldn’t tell anyone.

When I was eighteen I was raped at work and again I felt I couldn’t tell anybody.

I have had many problems including depression.

I was in therapy for ten years, but it wasn’t until I met Sarasi that I realised how important my birth family was.

I never thought they would have such a huge impact on my life when they had never seemed part of it.

She encouraged me to find out as much as I could.

Extraordinary things I discovered.

When I did my Constellation, my great aunt’s death by accidental shooting looked like no accident, but rather a cover up of a rape.

A secret was born and carried through generation to generation – it happened to my birth mum, my aunt and then me, all at 17-18. I was conceived from rape and she kept the pregnancy a secret until she went into labour!

I was the first person that my aunt told about her rape, 57 years later.

The whole Constellation experience was mind blowing - it made sense out of something that had no sense.

It’s the feelings that are so real that make it so true and straight to the heart.

I would like to do another Constellation in the future.


Being part of the whole process was like an intensive course in how to ‘be’ and ‘feel’ real.

I look forward to the next time, in an environment that promotes everything human and where love and compassion is the norm.

A sincere thank you Sarasi for letting me come into your home - it was awesome.