From Italy with love

Margaret Shams traveled to Holeland from her high powered UN job. This is her account.

The weekend at Sarasi’s was my first experience of Family Constellation. To call it exhilarating would be putting it mildly.

An early morning session of breathing and movement greatly facilitated the later work which involved not role-playing but ‘role-being’. It meant each of us (willingly chosen to be in the particular Family Constellation of another participant) being a conduit through which the feelings and words of another person could pass through and out. One did not have to do anything – it simply happened automatically.

When the issues were finally resolved at the end of each Constellation, the collective sigh of relief was palpable. We felt better finally understanding what had gone on and were able to let the matter rest.

Less than half of us had come to work on our own Family Constellation. The others were experienced ‘stand-ins’ to whom we often assigned important roles; they thereby spent a weekend in rural paradise, nurtured and nurturing.

The procedure can take up to a year to have an effect but I feel different already, uplifted and able to appreciate myself a little more. I intend to return once a year.

Born into a loving family and happily married, I nevertheless felt more consistently loved and supported during those forty-eight hours at Sarasi’s than I have ever been before.