It’s said it can take up to a year for a Constellation to work its way through but I often receive letters from people who experience much more immediate shifts and changes in themselves, circumstances or family.

Acknowledging Africa – Rajani’s story

I expected to just be an onlooker and not take part in any of the Constellations, as I was heavily pregnant at the time.

However, that was not the case. I was so surprised to find that two of the participants in the group had Constellations that involved Africa.

As a Black woman it seemed natural for me to be a representative of Africa. In both Constellations I was able to reconnect with my ancestral homeland; a connection that had been broken because of slavery.

As I stepped into the roles I felt the dignity, heart, and wisdom of the African people. It was tremendously healing for me to feel this, as Africa is so often represented negatively in the media.

When it came to my own Constellation, I was asked what I wanted. I said I wanted to feel settled in a relationship. I had become so familiar with relationships ending and was not sure that the relationship I was in was the right one.

In my Constellation what became apparent was how slavery and racism had emasculated and crushed the dignity, strength and spirit of African men. The ramifications were still being felt within the male line of my own family and the results have been very damaging.

At the end of my Constellation, Sarasi played an African piece of music. As the men in my Constellation danced I was able to see again the pride, grace and strength of the African male. In this acknowledgment I was able to relax into my own femininity, which was wonderful.

Taking part in Family Constellation was an empowering process for me, which provided me with the strength I needed to go for a homebirth.

4 months on I do feel more settled in my present relationship with my partner, who is also of African descent. We feel very blessed to have such a beautiful daughter. It feels great to have a little family.

Sarasi facilitated the whole process with sensitivity and wisdom, giving each participant time and space to be heard. Thank you Sarasi for opening up your home so that we can take part in this powerful process in such lovely surroundings.