Moumina’s Constellation tale

I did a one-to-one session with a co-therapist, on a work issue. She had been very touched by Hellinger’s insight that unless we can receive our mother, nothing will flourish in our work, relationships or life.

My co-therapist took the place of my mother and I stood opposite. I was unable to come close or to look her in the eyes, so strong was the feeling of shame.

I squirmed, intensely uncomfortable in my body. After a long time of her just waiting, something relaxed in me and I was able to come into her arms, but only for short moments, as if my system could only take small doses.

After that session, my mother, who never was able to choose presents for me, rang excitedly, with what she wanted to buy for my birthday. This was the first time since my childhood that she could offer me a gift that I really wanted to receive.