Dear Friends

I wrote this on the Monday after a recent Family Constellation weekend:

 "Surprisingly, I’m not at all tired but feeling very much alive. We’re about to go out walking by the river famously awash with wild daffodils. Unbelievably, it snowed in the night and the view from the window is perfect, bathed in brilliant sunshine.

 How luxurious these mornings are, savouring the previous moments, delicate deep openings. Fragments of Constellations seem to float tenderly in the air like dust particles in the sunshine. I am basking in the delicious love, and gratefulness.

I am amazed yet again at how Constellations connect and bring people together from so many different walks of life. Old deep wounds can be healed, stubbornly stuck issues freed up and can be turned around.”

Lucie’s one-to-one Constellation session

The Family Constellation session I had with Sarasi was so much deeper than I had expected.

Having rejected the female side of my ancestry as weak, dependant, whining and helpless women, all I wanted was to be different from them. I had cut myself off from them and looked for my own fulfilment and strength, like a balloon floating in thin air. At the same time full of guilt of not having 'been able to help them after all the work I had done on myself.

In the session the whole structure got reversed - I saw what they had provided for me, their struggle and suffering the base on which I could grow. Tears of gratitude and the image of me being a little red flower on a huge cactus with deep dark and strong roots - the little flower just part of the growth of this big plant, never possible on its own alone.

Now when I think of my mum and my grandmother, I feel their support and a connection to something so much bigger than me. I understand now that I never had to save them, they saved and formed me.

Sarasi was amazing in guiding me on this journey, step by step with me, thank you dear friend!

Constellation stories from the Masterclasses

As well as the regular Family Constellation weekend workshops, two Masterclass Training series are presently under way. The next will begin early in 2014. These are experiential, and Trainees are guided to exchange many Constellations, their own and others’. A rich feast of deeply valuable work and experiences, the Masterclass Training weekends finish with much exhilaration and joy. More details here.

Two of the Trainees bravely Constellated their broken marriages, bringing themselves to a place of understanding and clarity in what had been unresolved endings.

“I realised that if all of us could see all the Constellations of their family, and others that they were in dispute with, all judgements would dissolve, love would permeate us all, war would cease and peace would reign.” 
Michael Gabriel, one of the helping team.

A ‘first’ for me was to guide a Constellation on an addiction without needing to know what the addiction was, so hidden in shame. It was very moving when, acknowledged and thanked for how useful it had been but having served its purpose, it could now let go. Any issue can be set up as a Constellation – Money, Relationship, Work or Health - no issue too small!.

It was wonderful to meet a Trainee’s Jewish Great Aunt Rosa, seeing her love, anger and tears for the sacrifice she made for her secret forbidden non-Jewish love, remaining single and childless. Holding her unborn babies in her arms she became a tower of strength in the painful truth of that choice made and owned. At the end of the Constellation, having the Great Aunt standing behind her felt to the client like a rocket launching her into life – exhilarating and stunning.

"When the family is brought into order, an individual from that family can leave the nest. He feels the power of the family behind him. Only when the connection to the family is recognized, and the responsibilities have been made clear and divided up, does the individual feel free of burden. He can go his own way, without the past burdening him and tying him down." Bert Hellinger