The year started with our biggest Constellation weekend yet, lovingly held as ever by the team and Holeland Farm itself.

We laughed, cried, danced and journeyed into family stories so real and touching.

We felt the heart of each family uncover itself, and breathe in life.

The weekend reluctantly came to a close with a ceremony of songs of the heart performed by Surahbhi, lead singer of Presence

As we lay in soft candlelight before going our separate ways, I realised how appropriate is our title, “What Makes Love Work” for the Constellation weekends here.

It gave me a chance to go through my papers, to read again so many testimonials, words and stories. I thought I’d share a couple of these with you.

Rearranging the Family Furniture, or An Exercise in Compassion

I have attended two weekends of Constellating with Sarasi and on both occasions had my own Constellations done.

In regards to processing my own Constellations … it such a huge rearranging of my family furniture, witnessing the emotional reactions and revealed motivations of all, that history will take time to understand fully.

Yet the most surprising gift of each weekend is the depth of compassion felt for all involved.

I say surprising because when you are having your own Constellation done there is a lot of internal focusing on what will be revealed for you.

That fact is that is a bonus to this great opportunity to travel deep into each other’s pain and history with such care and integrity.

The compassion felt through this not only through the unravelling and healing in each Constellation, but the sustained compassion over two and half days had a profound and cellular effect on me.

I actually didn’t think I was capable of this depth of feeling and everyone including myself was so generous, offering themselves fully to the knowing field and treasure of this living truth.

In the past I explored a lot of faiths and therapies, finding it all exciting and delicious; having almost sadistic desire to reveal the hidden truths in myself.

Yet for a few years now I have felt a bit lost even cynical as it all seemed “been there, done that”.

So to find this process was personally liberating, I love being on my feet exploring truth, being held in trust and love, and trusting myself again to deliver the truth.

It is an amazing emotional workout, as representing you are someone’s mother, child, brother, great grandparent.

You find yourself in this living history, in a culture you personally have no idea about and yet the knowing field holds true, and somehow in your body emerges the emotional secrets held for that person.

Yes, it’s exciting and it is such a privilege, and it is this privilege and the compassion I spoke of earlier that grounds you and reveals the best in oneself.

Victoria in Australia

Reconnections / The ancestral fields / A wave of healing

At Christmas I went to visit my dad.

I had only seen him several times since he left my mum 10 years ago and these had been tense visits leaving me feeling sad and unloved.

My dad was very pleased to see me and got out his laptop to show me photos of his re-union with his long-lost brother and half-brother.

He had not seen them in over 40 years as they had parted on bad terms.

My Constellation was at the end of February and my dad’s brother contacted him at the beginning of April.

In the summer he visited his brothers in Australia. The photos of them happily embracing echoed scenes from my Family Constellation.

My dad got out a box of family photos I had never seen before and proceeded to fill in the gaps that I had when I gave Sarasi details of his family history.

I left my dad feeling closer to him than I had since I was a child.

To say I was amazed is putting it mildly.

Here, I felt, was proof that the ancestral field existed and that through my attempt to resolve my own difficulties I had set in motion a wave of healing that was spreading out through my dad’s family.

Linda in Bristol