The family constellations work here in Devon becomes richer and stronger.

I’m always amazed at how much celebration, laughter and joy comes out of the weekends. It is almost as if a new family is created.

Last month I was in Lithuania helping Moumina run a Family Constellation training for 21 participants and their translators.

MY VISIT TO LITHUANIA - Story after story of betrayal

I was impressed by the huge openness and longing for change after years of living under a very repressive communist regime. Story after story of betrayal and persecution so ready to come to the surface to be healed.

Doctors, teachers, artists, farmers sent to Siberia. Mostly never to return.

Everyone living in fear of it happening to them, unable to trust a neighbour or friend. Even family members could be asked to spy on each other. No one was safe.

I realised how powerful and effective a tool the constellations are in healing such a profound national trauma.

Again and again we were thanked for helping to bring it all to light.

My experience in Lithuania was of a country exploding with enthusiasm, creativity and innocence.

I wonder if the collapse of capitalism or whatever is currently happening here will bring such a spiritual explosion and healing for us all.

LOST IN SIBERIA - The Party Official

One woman’s Grandfather was a Party Official whose job it was to compile the list of fellow Lithuanians who owned land – as little as 10 hectares was enough to be exiled to Siberia.

Her family frequently remembered all the people Grandfather desperately tried to save. He later became an alcoholic – from all the gifts of alcohol that he received, the family joked.

Never acknowledged were the thousands who never returned, but perished from cold and starvation.

In the Constellation, she chose Representatives for those lost in Siberia, and opposite she placed one for her Grandfather, and then Representatives for the chain of Officials right up to Stalin.

Hiding behind fake arrogance, none of them can face the betrayed exiles, who stand in quiet strength, arms reaching out in forgiveness.

However, as the Officials’ denial continues, outrage at the injustice furiously erupts. The Officials slowly begin to crack (but Stalin continues his pacing).

As the anger subsides, softening into quiet dignity, eyes fill with tears, arms reach out again and finally meet, and the room fills with a deep silence and peace.

I hope to see you soon.

With love,