Through this work I see just how deeply affected people are by the unresolved events of their ancestral past. We all have a knowingness when something isn’t right in our lives.

We all have a yearning to move towards love and a lightness of living. A Family Constellation Workshop is an opportunity to free the true story of the family and allow the past to be healed. Love is always swirling around us.

When the family line is healed, love can flow to us. And we can experience the difference of living lighter, happier and more fully in the present..


Exposing Truth

At the start of my Constellation I gave Sarasi only the bare facts about my family. But during the Constellation, all my feelings and past pain about the dignity and integrity of the women in my family were revealed.

To see my truth so clearly exposed was an enormous weight lifted from me..

A great line of femininity.

Grandmother’s spy story. French Resistance. Man murdered on top of her (this broke her, too much for a young woman, went mad). Isabel’s mother had a glass screen in front of her all her life. Didn’t mother her children.

As my Constellation came to an end, the females of my family line – great grandmother, grandmother, mother, daughter all come together.

I always had a feeling of sexual abuse, a fear of being raped and now I see where that came from and I can let it go.

Lying entwined, experiencing for the first time love and acceptance, there formed a great line of femininity.

A womb line.

Lying in this line with them, I received the restored dignity and integrity of these incredible and wonderful women, and I felt the truth of this in my inner core and in my womb.

I also felt for the first time a real movement towards mothering.

Not just as a possibility, but as a certainty.