The last workshop has just finished. Constellations are still running through me, deep veins of richness.

Another amazing year.

There was an interesting programme recently about how the trauma of war is transmitted through to the following generations. Listen now - click here

Again and again the threads of war run through the Constellations. I have felt so touched by the many stories.

It is hard to separate them out; just thinking of them I feel the tears. Not just those who are lost, and the broken hearts left stranded waiting for their sons, brothers, loved ones to return – but also the ones who come back but as strangers, living dead, unable to talk about what they have experienced and seen.

Below is a recent example, an individual table top Constellation using stones.

 THE GREEN MAN - a client's story

Despite being a professional for many years, exuding confidence, lots of projects, good fees agreed, I continually fell short of success -a lifelong pattern.

I take a stone for my work and what was holding me back

This quickly takes the form of a shame filled man hiding in the forest. Interestingly, that summer I had been asked to play the role of the Green Man at a friend’s wedding, and as I waited in the bushes, I was attacked by a gang of young boys wielding sticks and stones - quite scary.

Sarasi asks me if it reminds me of anybody in the family. I think of my father’s older brother, Uncle Jack, attractive, but dangerous to some. Climbing lamp posts, disappearing for months on end on his motorbike, working on farms, living rough, not the dutiful reliable competent head of the family he was supposed to be.

Then came the war. Uncle Jack saw action in Burma, but he returned a broken man.

The family met and my Dad ended up with the casting vote. Uncle Jack was given a lobotomy, the latest recommended treatment of the time.
I feel my heart break, in huge sobs as I recognise myself in Jack’s empty shell, lost in the woods, suspended, cut off in his prime.

I choose a stone for my father.

I place him next to his big brother. The relief and love, two brothers again, side by side. Something becoming one and whole again.

I sense a reaching back to me and my own childhood, a lost innocence. Tears running down my face I sit for some time..

Back to work, inspired - to be immediately offered a new eco-project in the wilds of Cornwall!.