Family Constellation Workshop in progress

Family Constellation Testimonials

First Time on a Workshop

by Margaret Shams

The weekend with Sarasi was my first experience of family constellations.

To call it exhilarating would be putting it mildly.

An early morning session of breathing and movement greatly facilitated the later work which involved not role-playing but ‘role-being’.

It meant each of us (willingly chosen to be in the particular family constellation of another participant) being a conduit through which the feelings and words of another person could pass through and out, one did not have to do anything – it simply happened automatically.

When the issues were finally resolved at the end of each session the collective sigh of relief was palpable, we felt better finally understanding what had gone on and were able to let the matter rest.

Less than half of us had come to work on our own family constellation. The others were experienced ‘stand-ins’ to whom we often assigned important roles; they thereby spent a weekend in rural paradise, nurtured and nurturing.

The procedure can take up to a year to have an effect but I feel different already, uplifted and able to appreciate myself a little more.

I intend to return once a year.

Born into a loving family and happily married, I nevertheless felt more consistently loved and supported during those forty-eight hours with Sarasi, than I have ever been before.

Truly Touched

by Tiziana

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful and amazing weekend.

It was my first experience with Family Constellations and it has truly touched me and I have found in the week since that something has definitely shifted and changed within me.

I also wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful people who participated and for the incredible energy present.

And finally a big thank you to you and Manohar for your warm and loving hospitality.

It was and is much appreciated.

Not burdened by the past

by Vanessa

I wanted to give you some feedback to say how much I appreciated your beautiful home, hospitality, food and most of all the company including the cat.

I loved the light, gentle touch you have. Your sense of humour, of fun, skill and sensitivity were very much an inspiration.

You are immensely caring and patient. I learnt so much about myself, how it is for others and feel we all touched something very profound in our individual ways.

Since the weekend with you I have felt very centered and balanced and seem to have gained more confidence.

It is difficult to quantify. I really do feel I am not burdened by the past but nurtured and supported by the women of my family history.

Entering into the 'Knowing Field'

by Jeremy

I just wanted to say a few words in relation to my experience of Family Constellation work in particular with Sarasi.

I first want to acknowledge my route into it which was at the suggestion of a respected South African Sangorma (elder skilled in both divination and healing) who knew of it and that its founder Bert Hellinger had received much insight and inspiration from living among the Zulu people.

Many of the Zulu, like other peoples living closer to the Earth than Northern Europeans, pay close attention to health in relation to their ancestors.

This is particularly in relation to the blood family, but also embraces the wider community of Life, the Land, the plants and trees etcetera, to which we are all also related.

This health turns out to be of extreme import, for the present truly does seem influenced by the past more than we ever might realise, particularly by what is unresolved within it.

What I have witnessed through the constellation work is that energetically unresolved issues within our ancestral history surface, both subtly and in extreme ways such as heavy fate, within our own and our children’s lives.

This brings to mind the idea that Energy once created can never be destroyed – however it is important to realise it can be transformed! Again and again this is what one witnesses within the constellation work.

It is clear that this work also has deeply understood the energetics and the process of restoring health in the present in relation to something which, for whatever reason, has been unable to be healthily dealt with in the past.

A key part of the work for me has been witnessing and entering into the “knowing field” – in Jungian terms I believe this equates to the collective unconscious, or more truly as we are tapping into it, the “collective consciousness,” and in African terms this may be described simply as the Ancestors. 29th feb Other than initially positioning the key ancestors and setting intent, one generally does not directly participate in one’s own family constellation, rather others innocent of the story participate.

What is astounding to me is not just the information, energetic and other, that flows through the supporters, and how much concurrence there is between them around what they experience, but also with what ease all who come to the weekends, from many walks of life, seem able to access this literal Knowing Field.

Again and again in relation to what emerges Sarasi plays her part in guiding the constellation towards health. Deep insight is gained into that which has been out of kilter, leading to healing and often restoration of energetic imbalance to its rightful place.

An atmosphere which may well have fraught and highly charged, so often resolves with the participant feeling a greater sense of supportive energy from their ancestors, and a quality for which the best word I can find is Grace.