Family Constellation Workshop

Family Constellation Testimonials

A life support!

by Jenny Kowalczuk

I’ve completed two years of masterclass with Sarasi and attended many Constellation weekends both as a representative and participant over the past five years.

This work has been not only been a deep joy but an incredibly strong and powerful foundation for me through some pretty difficult times supporting others in my family through breakdown and illness.

I don’t know where my life would be today or how my relationships would have survived without it.

I came to Constellations with a lifetime’s worth of difficulties and these had left me with some pretty robust emotional armour - I could barely feel my emotions, often related as a child and felt very angry.

Working in the masterclass and Constellations has gradually let all of this soften and fall away.

I feel more peaceful and content than ever before and can be close, intimate and vulnerable with others as well as have a great time laughing and having fun!

I have really grown into myself and enjoy myself, free of worry and anxiety over who I am and how others see me.

Masterclass has been my guiding star on this journey. I’ve made lovely friends, learnt amazing skills, laughed, cried and of course, danced.

For anyone looking to sustain their own growth and development as well as develop skills they can use in healing work, the rich, nourishing and enjoyable exploration of Constellations offered in the masterclass with Sarasi is the most wonderful life support - don’t hesitate, do it, it will return your life to love.

I Feel Transformed

by Emily

I have been really gobsmacked since last weekend and I have been riding high... it has been incredible, I feel like a child again - receptive, open, curious, non-judgmental and loving - thank you...

I want to thank you ever so much for your care and sensitivity to us all. Thank you for quiet encouragement, guidance and desire to help us... I feel transformed.

Thank you Sarasi for doing what you do - the world is a much more special place for it...

Masterclass Series

by Jenny

I don't know if you know how profound the work has been for me, and how much love I have for you in sharing it with me and helping me grow and use it? Sarasi, I'm moved with love and gratitude for you and all those who are developing and sharing constellations, its the most beautiful process I know and has the capacity to change the world.

A big step in my healing journey

by Geeta

Beloved Sarasi,

Thank you for a truly amazing weekend! It has been one of the best weekends of my life, in all seriousness.

I have been looking for help with some of those issues for years, and the clarity and presence I feel that I have now is such a gift.

A big step in my healing journey.

Much love to you, and thank you.

Rewarding Weekend

by Peter Nicholas

Hi Sarasi,

Thanks so much for a tremendously rewarding weekend.

As you said in our first conversation "you will get so much out of supporting others in their journeys as well as you doing your own" - and I did. 

Thank you for your open heart and intuitive guidance through the generations and relationships.

Truly inspirational.

The dynamic meditations and dancing were much appreciated and I had some beautiful early morning walks around the lanes -

Top location.

Please pass on Big thanks to Kit for all the gorgeous food.

Keeping my balance

by Judy Miller

Dear Sarasi,

Since my extraordinary Constellation, I have experienced what I can only describe as a wonderful interior spaciousness!

It is a very gracious place to be and is helping me keep my balance in present difficult circumstances.

I have a small flame of hope that my daughter may do the Feb Constellation.

Delicious Food

by Tracey Stokes

Dear Sarasi
Thank you again for hosting and facilitating such a wonderful weekend.

I want to thank Kit for the effort she went to in adapting the menu so that I could eat what everyone else was eating - that was so appreciated and her food was absolutely de-lish!


by Tom Bible

Hey Sarasi,

Thank you for an amazing weekend and for holding such beautiful space for this incredibly powerful work.

I found my constellation (and others) very moving indeed and I’m really working on honouring what I experience over those precious few days.    It feels like lots of realignment is going on within (especially in my hip) – I’m so grateful for the remarkable work that you do – thank you so much!

Great chuckling laughter

by Richard Clarke

Dear Sarasi,

I wanted to write to thank you again for a wonderful experience last weekend.

It really was a great event. Whilst I am tempted to highlight the amazing feeling of giving service, of honour and warmth at being asked to help others, of taking care of the trust given to me in those roles and especially the fun and enjoyment that I received taking roles in the constellations themselves. Or perhaps during my constellation, the amazing opportunity to have conversations with my family in a way that I was never up for nor able whilst they were alive and the deeply felt emotions I was able to express. 

I am also aware of the way in which all parts of the weekend worked together. Eating healthily, some great conversations, the use of dance, and I even admit begrudgingly that the meditation played an important part and maybe I enjoyed it a little ;).

I also noticed and wanted to thank you for the care you took of both the group and individual, your explorative leading and offering during the constellations, your ease at admitting or questioning your own intuition and your great chuckling laughter.

For all of that a big, deep, heartfelt thank you from me to you.

Real gift

by Iessaiah

Dearest Sarasi

Thank you again for your very loving support and guidance last weekend.

I know I have benefitted hugely from doing my Family Constellation, as well as the participation in other peoples constellations. The whole weekend was a real gift. You hold a wonderful space and I feel at home, like a big warm hug.

Best weekend of my life!

by Linda Stocks

Dear Sarasi,

Having never danced, except in childhood in the dark with the lights out, today I found I couldn't start my day without it.

Although I was there as a representative, it seemed that each constellation reflected parts of my own life and I have much to process as a result...

I feel I can't thank you enough for what has possibly been the best weekend of my life! I'm bursting with enthusiasm and brimming over with joy and outbursts of deep grief.