Family Constellation Workshop

Cutting through confusion and lies

Excuse me if this sounds like the ravings of a convert to a new religion but …..

I spent three days and about £300 working with Sarasi and 17 others on life-long blocks with family members and it was time and money extremely well-spent as I have come away with a sense of clarity and lightness that has released an enormous amount of energy and loving happiness in me.

Seven of us came to deal with issues and the rest were there to support so we each had plenty of time and space to work. When it was my turn to work Sarasi asked what I wanted to clear.

I chose to focus on a difficult relationship with my sister and in front of the group I gave minimal information about the factual circumstances of my family and our ancestors.Having chosen representatives to play the roles of my basic nuclear family, including myself, and placed them in the room, I sat back from the ‘hot seat’ and watched the dynamics unfold. Under the expert and experienced guidance of Sarasi the representatives entered the so-called ‘knowing field’ and simply trusted their own body impulses to move, behave and speak as they felt.

I watched in amazement as my family dynamic was acted out not as an action replay but as a true reflection of how we would have behaved had we been coming from our absolute truth.This cut straight through all the confusion and lies. Other representatives then went back in time and acted out the story of our ancestors.

This is when the magic happened! As my unknown ancestors expressed their rage and distress the conflict within my own nuclear family calmed and they were able to come together in a loving unit.

Then I was invited into the Constellation and replaced the woman representing me. I then rested in the arms of my healed family and absorbed the flow of love and forgiveness that has been blocked all my life.

A nice fantasy perhaps but, if so, one which has extremely tangible results in the real world. I am feeling more energy, loving connectedness and freedom to take confident action in the world than I have felt for many years.

Encouraged by results I plan now to work with Sarasi on the eyesight difficulties I’ve had for years and then will probably enlist as a representative helper because apart from anything else it was such FUN with loads of dancing, fantastic food and good company with loving people.

Thanks Sarasi,

Love Claire xxx