Sarasi Rogers in the kitchen at Holeland Farm

About Sarasi

Sarasi is a highly loved and well respected therapist with over 30 years of experience working with people.

Besides running her innovative Family Constellation workshops, Sarasi has also a private therapy practice in Devon, where hundreds of people have benefited from her insightful approach to working with individuals and couples.

These one-to-one sessions offer a highly valued and much loved approach to support change in core areas of your life.

She also offers individual intensives - a series of sessions to create radical change - an ideal way for blasting a long-standing problem or an issue that won’t go away. This unique process is designed just for you.

A practitioner of body/feeling therapies for over 35 years, Sarasi’s warmth, humour and skill, along with her expertise with a wide-range of techniques allows expression of feelings that may be too sensitive or bound up in fear to bring to a workshop. 

Carl Munsen interview with Sarasi on Phonic FM Radio

Sarasi has a lifetime’s experience working with people leading workshops and trainings and working 1to1 (with individuals) in her body-oriented therapy practise.

Since 1999 she has used Constellations extensively. She was lucky enough to receive a seven year Constellation apprenticeship with Moumina Jeffs, organising and participating and assisting in her workshops and trainings. In 2006 she took over leading the Constellation workshops, which now happen monthly, as well as the trainings, developing masterclasses, retreats and 1to1 Constellation work.

Sarasi previously trained as a Laban teacher of Art of Movement and Dance, as well as Theatre and Improvisation, at Alsager College, becoming a performance artist with Interaction Trust, working in community arts and later childrens’ theatre.

She has taught Yoga for 41 years, in Germany, Australia, India and UK, currently at her home in Devon.

She has trained in a wide spectrum of Healing Arts including Co-counselling; Reichian Breath and Body Work; Reflexology; Deep Tissue Massage. She is an accredited John Bradshaw Inner Child therapist and trained in USA in Alchemical Hypnotherapy. She is a Master Practitioner in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and in NLP. She is trained in Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing, which she has practiced for 15 years; and has recently completed a two year training in Hal and Sidra Stone’s Voice Dialog.

Sarasi brings a wealth of experience from a lifetime of involvement in the Healing and Therapeutic Arts. This is the background she draws on in all her professional work.

Dear Sarasi

Thanks to the help and support I received from you I’ve been able to finally lay down the burdens of the past.

Your insight and skill have helped me find hope and belief in myself again.

And by challenging some of my long held perceptions, you have enabled me towards a brighter, clearer future where I feel more alive now than ever before.

Love Sarah