Family Constellation Workshop


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Using Constellations in a one-to-one setting

Moving on to working with small groups

During Family Constellation weekends we use other group participants to represent family members. Placing them in the room, the dynamics in the family become all too clear.
But there are many ways to do Constellations and often it’s not practical to organise a group of people.
The Masterclasses will get you started straight away - with one-to-ones – a traveling toolkit that can be taken anywhere - your home, workplace, therapy practice or even the beach!
You will learn how to do Constellations, which as we know can free not only yourself but also others, from whatever is blocking love, self-esteem, successful relationships, health in body and mind.

Who is it for?

The Masterclasses are designed for anyone on a quest for personal freedom.
As well as being a must for psychotherapists, life coaches, bodyworkers, health and healing practitioners who wish to bring a broader perspective and a wide range of skills by integrating this life-changing work into their already existing practice.
For example, many homeopaths are already using Constellation techniques to assist their choice of remedies.

Time for you to explore Constellations

Sarasi’s experiential approach, learning by hands-on practice from the start, creates a deep and broad understanding of the art of Constellations, in many forms. Numbers are limited to allow time for individual attention.
As a participant in the Masterclasses, you will receive individual Constellations, as well as practising and learning the underlying skills and principles of Bert Hellinger’s inspirational work.

“The group’s closeness and trust, developed over two years of working together, allowed profound changes to happen”

A Certificate of Attendance will be given on completion..

The Venue

The venue is a beautiful old farmhouse surrounded by the silence of an abundant green Dartmoor valley. Close to Exeter and with easy M5/A30 access. The superb cooking is wholefood vegetarian.

Each Masterclass starts on the Friday. Arrive 4.30 to 5.00 for check-in, dinner and an early start. It will include evening sessions and will finish on the Sunday 5.30 to 6.00.


Ring: Sarasi 01647 24075
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Sarasi Rogers has been working as a therapist for 35 years and with Family Constellation for 15 years.

Her work draws on a wealth of experience in emotional healing, gained from a lifelong exploration of effective therapies that bypass the mind.

Telephone: 01647 24075
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Best weekend of my life!

Dear Sarasi,

Having never danced, except in childhood in the dark with the lights out, today I found I couldn't start my day without it.

Although I was there as a representative, it seemed that each constellation reflected parts of my own life and I have much to process as a result...

I feel I can't thank you enough for what has possibly been the best weekend of my life! I'm bursting with enthusiasm and brimming over with joy and outbursts of deep grief.

Linda Stocks