Family Constellation Workshop


New Series starts in 2018

Phone 01647 24075 for more information.

The Flowering of Life

Begins 17 November 2017

A series of nine themed weekend modules starting from conception through to the end of life and everything in between.
Open to anyone who has previous experience of Family Constellation work with Sarasi.

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The Venue

The venue is a beautiful old farmhouse surrounded by the silence of an abundant green Dartmoor valley. Close to Exeter and with easy M5/A30 access. The superb cooking is wholefood vegetarian.

Each Masterclass starts on the Friday. Arrive 4.30 to 5.00 for check-in, dinner and an early start. It will include evening sessions and will finish on the Sunday 5.30 to 6.00.


Ring: Sarasi 01647 24075
Email: for more details


A life support!

I’ve completed two years of masterclass with Sarasi and attended many Constellation weekends both as a representative and participant over the past five years. This work has been not only been a deep joy but an incredibly strong and powerful foundation for me through some pretty difficult times supporting others in my family through breakdown and illness. I don’t know where my life would be today or how my relationships would have survived without it.

I came to Constellations with a lifetime’s worth of difficulties and these had left me with some pretty robust emotional armour - I could barely feel my emotions, often related as a child and felt very angry. Working in the masterclass and Constellations has gradually let all of this soften and fall away. I feel more peaceful and content than ever before and can be close, intimate and vulnerable with others as well as have a great time laughing and having fun! I have really grown into myself and enjoy myself, free of worry and anxiety over who I am and how others see me. Masterclass has been my guiding star on this journey. I’ve made lovely friends, learnt amazing skills, laughed, cried and of course, danced.

For anyone looking to sustain their own growth and development as well as develop skills they can use in healing work, the rich, nourishing and enjoyable exploration of Constellations offered in the masterclass with Sarasi is the most wonderful life support - don’t hesitate, do it, it will return your life to love.

Jenny Kowalczuk