Family Constellation Workshop


Weekend Course

With full board and accommodation, the Full Constellation cost is £349
Special Offer - £179 as Representative only, also fully residential

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Restore the hidden flow of love in our Relationships, our Family, our Lives and essentially Ourselves.
Reclaim our Ancestors as a powerful loving Support System.

This course is based on the inspirational work of Bert Hellinger, whose profoundly innovative approach acknowledges, respects and gently redirects the deeply embedded forces in the family system.

All members of the family, including adoptees and those who are absent through death or separation, are energetically present in the family structure and affect other members. Similarly the suppressed emotions of past family members are also present and may be carried by others.

Unresolved issues that have been deeply buried in the unconscious are revealed and healed in this simple yet astonishingly powerful process.


"Every family has a strong inner bond, regardless of what it looks like on the outside, and regardless of whether the family members feel it or know it. Children carry the burdens and energies from their family with them.

Everything which is suppressed by the family does not dissolve into thin air but rather it 'floats' around within the system. The newer family members - namely the children - feel this energy, receive it and live it out. They are then 'entangled' by their ancestors, meaning that they take over their behaviours, feelings, and fates."

From ‘You can't have wings if you don't have roots’ by Bertold Ulsamer


Sarasi Rogers has been working as a therapist for 35 years and with Family Constellation for 15 years.

Her work draws on a wealth of experience in emotional healing, gained from a lifelong exploration of effective therapies that bypass the mind.

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Rewarding Weekend

Thanks so much for a tremendously rewarding weekend.

As you said in our first conversation "you will get so much out of supporting others in their journeys as well as you doing your own" - and I did. 

Thank you for your open heart and intuitive guidance through the generations and relationships.

Truly inspirational.

The dynamic meditations and dancing were much appreciated and I had some beautiful early morning walks around the lanes -

Top location.

Peter Nicholas

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